Spa Package

Jasmine Rice Spa Package

3.5 Hours         US$ 88 couple price
Jasmine rice is great rice benefit for remove dead skin, leaves the skin soft and radiant; relaxes nerves, relieves muscle spasms with Aroma jasmine oil. This uniquely designed package is specialized for calming your spiritual and relaxing your muscle.
Revitalizing Jasmine Rice Body Scrub
Revitalizing Jasmine Rice Body Wrap
Volatizing Hair Care with organic coconut oil
Calming Jasmine Aromatherapy
Revitalizing Jasmine Face Care
Invigorating Package

150minutes        US$ 45

For a truly memorable spa visit, combine a number of our treatment offerings in one package. You'll experience deep levels of relaxation and well-being. It's a wonderful way to prepare for share special moments with someone you care for, or relax after a sports event or outing. 90 minutes Herbal hot compress-45 minutes Aloe Vera Body Wrap-15minutes Ancient head scalp

US$ 88